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Старый 13.11.2018, 23:25   #61
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Ух, Vladimi! Я же не про характер человека говорю, а про ритм-секцию. А в данном коллективе её обеспечивают Матс и Джеми. Один ударник не сможет справиться, как и один басист...
Надо будет прислушаться с этой точки зрения.
А Вы на новые концерты не планируете?
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Старый 08.01.2019, 01:58   #62
Denis K
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Недавно, просматривая свои старые архивы начала 2000-х, неожиданно наткнулся на интересный текстовый файл с информацией, сохранённой мной в 2004-м с официального сайта Universal Music Sweden / Stockholm Records, ныне уже не существующего в том виде. Возможно, кто-то из форумчан посещал данный сайт в своё время и помнит его необычный (особенно для тех лет) дизайн в виде эдакого "рабочего стола" c директориями и файлами:

Была на этом сайте и персональная страница Улы. Даже нашёл её сохранённую копию через

К сожалению, там уже ничего не открывается (вероятно, подразделы не были проиндексированы "Архивом" из-за особенностей устройства сайта). Насколько помню, именно с этой страницы (а именно из раздела About) я и скопировал вышеупомянутый текст-интервью с Улой. Сейчас, спустя столько лет, мне он показался любопытным и достойным для сохранения на нашем форуме:


Ola Håkansson is the president, the sole founder of Stockholm Records and the driving force behind the changes that the company has gone through over the years. Since the launch of the label in the early nineties he has navigated his beloved project with equal parts clever business sense, firmness in ideas and love of music.

When Stockholm Records set sail in 1991 Ola Håkansson was not only a former A&R manager of Sonet, but also a well known Swedish pop star and song writer. His career shot off in a brown suit back in the early 1960’s. In between 1963 and 1968 Ola & The Janglers managed to get 13 hits on the Swedish Top 10 - and to book tour dates with the likes of Dusty Springfield, The Kinks and The Who. Later on, Secret Service, Håkansson’s eighties constellation was perhaps even more successful; the group’s albums sold over 4 million copies in Sweden, Europe and South America. To Ola Håkansson’s merits can also song writing for successful Swedish recording artists be added. Since 1982 he has been teaming up with Anders Hansson, Tim Norell and Alexander Bard to write hit tunes for Lisa Nilsson, Jerry Williams, Carola and others.

Do you sing along to the Stockholm Records songs when you hear them?

No, I don’t seem to be able to remember them, despite the fact that I write a lot of words for songs. I forget my songs. I like watching this game show on TV which is all about being able to remember words and singing along to standards. I can never do it. I compete with my family and I always lose. I think I have so many songs surrounding me I have to rid my head of some of them, otherwise they get too many.

When did you find yourself on a stage for the first time?

When I was nine I sang in church on Christmas Day. A little bit later I toured Sweden and Denmark as a choir-boy. Ola & The Janglers played live for the first time in 1962. It was out on Lidingö, an island just next to Stockholm. I was incredibly nervous. I remember wearing a brown suit with really close-fitting, tight, trousers and a narrow skin tie. It wasn’t until a little bit later that we started wearing cooler things like leather boots.

What music do you listen to while cleaning your house?

I am really bad at cleaning and rarely do it. But if I’d clean my house I’d do it to the strains of reggae music. Bob Marley. I think any music can be good for cleaning as long as you like doing housework.

What’s your favourite sound?

I’d say the sound of silence. But if I can’t choose that, I’d have to go for the sound of water. A sunny Swedish summerday. A rowing-boat. The smell of nature and the sound of waves. My favourite sound is the lapping of the waves…

And what is your favourite guitar sound?

When I heard the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” for the first time I had never even heard of a fuzz box. The sound was amazing. I wanted to recreate that sound with Ola & The Janglers and we tried to imitate it with different instruments. It took us weeks to find out that it was a distorted guitar sound.

Are the Stockholm Records artists like children to you?

Since I have been a recording artist for so many years I know what it is like to be in their shoes. I know what success is about - I know what it is like to have it and to not have it. And my artists know that I know. Sometimes I am perhaps a bit protective when it comes to their well being… Yeah, I guess you can say they are like children to me.


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