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14.07.2012, 16:53
Since I seem to be one of the few non-Russian speaking fans visiting this forum I thought I would get this section of the forum rolling by introducing myself. Hopefully we can get more forum members from around the globe to flesh out this section as well. :)

My name is Ronnie and I am a 41-year old man from Sweden of mixed Swedish/Danish heritage. I have a broad interest in music covering many artists (mainly the Bee Gees) and several music genres. I first noticed Secret Service in 1982 during a town fair where one of the merry-go-rounds was blasting away "Flash in the night" repeatedly over their speakers.

While I haven't aggressively collected their work (at least compared to my other music interests) I have however most of what they released in Sweden on LP, CD, 7" plus some 12" singles and a few rare promo CDs. Add to that a good helping of songs they wrote and produced for other artists that I've bought over the years. I have still to dig deeper into the "Ola, Frukt & Flingor"/"Ola+3" period, not to mention Ola's old "Ola & The Janglers" band but I'll get there eventually. I wish more of this was available on CD but sadly the Swedish record companies, at best, limit themselves to putting out a compilation and ignore the rest (unless you happen to be ABBA). Even Secret Service fans have to make do with just "Top Secret" being available as a physical product at this time.

To end this post I can say I have a little Russian connection as I have relatives living there. My grandmother's sister, on my mother's side of the family, married a Russian and they settled in St. Petersburg where their great grandchildren still reside.

Denis K
14.07.2012, 18:37
Ronnie, thank you for the creating a first topic in the International section! It's a very good start, and I, too, hope that other visitors from all over the world will introduce themselves here and become the new members of our forum.

And thank you for the interesting story about yourself. It was really nice to read it. Secret Service has always been one of the most popular 80's music for the Russian-speaking people, but we always knew a bit about fans of our favorite group from other countries.

p.s. I have to apologize for my simple and terrible English :blush:

14.07.2012, 19:46
Denis, thank you and no need to apologise for your English. It is after all not the first language for either of us and I am bound to misspell myself from time to time.

I was thinking of posting the link to the international forum of this board online to promote it, Facebook being one of them, but it seems there are not many groups established there about our Secret Service. I would have thought Tim and Ulf would have set up an official Secret Service Facebook group as it is a good tool to promote the band (for future concerts and releases such as "The Lost Box"). Setting up such a group could send more fans to the Secret Service website as well as this forum.

24.07.2012, 23:48
Hi. My name is Mathew, I'm from Poland and I've got 20 years old. I heard Secret Service for the first time in radio when I was young. The song which I heard was of course "Flash In The Night". Many years later I found a news about Secret Service when I read some articles about ABBA. And I found some recordings of this group and since almost three years I'm a big fun of Secret Service. I even wrote my own website about group, all in Polish especially for Polish fans. In our country Secret Service was (and still is) very popular. We even invited the group for the Sopot Festival in 1985.

Denis K
25.07.2012, 01:14
Mathew, welcome to our forum! Glad to see you here! Thank you for your post, great to hear that Secret Service is still popular in Poland. We have almost no information about the 1985 Sopot Festival, and it's really significant thing for the history of our favorite group.
Could you put the link of your site on our forum? I think your site will be interesting for all Secret Service fans, despite the language barriers.

25.07.2012, 13:00
Ok, here you find it: www.secretserviceband.cba.pl Of course, it's only the first version of site, someday I'll upgrade it, maybe write again in php language. If you find some mistakes, or if you know something interesting about the group, you can write to me and I'll write about it on my site.

Secret Service was invited to Poland especially for Sopot Festival. The legend of this event was Ola Hakansson's shoes. These shoes were stolen and Oson must sing without it. At the concert, after singing a first song, Ola wanting in some way explain the lack of his shoes. And he said that he simply forgot them, because he ran to the concert. The band sang their greatest hits, but unfortunately it wasn't full live appearance - they sang with playback. Only a few verses were sing a capella. Before the performance, Marek Niedzwiecki (our famous radio-reporter) said some words about the group, especially about greatest songs and new album, "When The Night Closes In". He even said some very nice words about the latest composition of the team, "Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More". The team has done the following compositions this evening:

1. Oh Susie
2. Ye Si Ca
3. Ten O'clock Postman
4. Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning)
5. Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More
6. Flash In The Night
7. Oh Susie
8. Ye Si Ca

After the concert, in 1986 our music label Wifon released a Greatest Hits album, which is very similar to the real group compilation album, released in 1982. The only difference was the cover - our version of album had a big band photo, and orange title "Secret Service - Greatest Hits".

And one more thing. I'm very sorry about my eventual language mistakes. I have no occasions to talk in English, for the last time I talk almost two years ago. If I make a mistake, please correct me.

06.02.2013, 12:12
Hi, Ronnie! and everybody !!!
My name is Valerie. I am 44 years old and live and work in Omsk , Russia. I share similar music interests and love lot s of good music mentioned here on the forum . Secret Service is one the bands that really captured my heart once and for a long time since I was a youngster. Songs like "Ten o'clock postman" cheer me up each time I tune myself to this melody. So , .... what am trying to say here :))))
Well, the band is coming to my city on the March, 26 2013. I am trying to find out who are actually on the band right now to tour Russia and other countries. If any body knows staff like that, please, share , it would be of great help. !!! My friends and I want to know : do we get to see Ola Hakanson or not. Thanks a lot!!!! Please, feel free to jot any notes about your music interests and life , I am open to pen pal time.