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MWuser 27.07.2012 17:56

Questions to the band
Hi. I don't know if this title is taken. I searched the forum and I didn't find better place.

I'd like to ask some questions to the Secret Service. Some about music, some about discography, or history.

1. Have you ever think about releasing an anthology, including all singles, all albums, remixes and rarities in fully remastered sound? I love the remastered sound of "Top Secret" album and I'd really like to hear all songs in high quality. Maybe you could release an anthology as a jubilee? For example under the title "35 years of Secret Service"?

2. Did you release all albums on CD? I found on eBay some CDs which look very "official", but I think, it's not Secret Service product. A few days ago I found two CDs, "Cutting Corners" and "When The Night Closes In" on I bought them, but on the second album in song "Walking" there is a small error, a few seconds before the first verse. A year ago I heard also a vinyl version of this song and there is no error.

3. When will you release a new album on CD? I heard it and I think there are many very good songs and as always many classic harmonies. And I think that the new album will be one of the best-selling CD in Poland, where the band is still very popular.

4. I heard many about the group, called "Ola+3" and I heard two songs, "Det kanns som jag vandrar fram" and "Foxy". Do you think about releasing a whole album on CD? I'd like to hear it, but unfortunately it's very, very hard to find even a vinyl copy of it.

5. Have you ever think about concert in Poland? We still remember a Sopot Festival event in 1985, when the band sang their greatest hits. After this event, our music label "Wifon" released in 1986 a "Greatest Hits" album, which is similar to original compilation, released by Secret Service in 1982.

Denis K 27.07.2012 18:32

Thank you for creating a new interesting topic. Similar discussions were on the Russian sections of our forum, but I think the English version of this topic will be useful.

Some comments to your questions to the band:

2. We asked about re-release of the studio albums in our first letter to the band, when they came to Russia in December 2006. Unfortunately, the answer was not very encouraging, a lot depends on the label (Universal Music Sweden).

Only three albums of Secret Service was released on original CDs:

- Oh Susie (Sonet SLPCD-2655, 1990);
- When The Night Closes In (Sonet SLPCD-2770, 1986);
- Aux Deux Magots (Sonet SLPCD-2790, also: Teldec 8.26760 (DE), Alfa 32XB-259 (JP)).

That's all. Cutting Corners was never released on CD, as well as 1981 and 1984 albums. But there are lots of the Russian (and maybe not only Russian) bootlegs disguised as the original. However, the albums that went on the CD officially (Oh Susie, When The Night... and Aux Deux Magots, especially the Japanese release) are also have high-quality counterfeit copies, difficult to distinguish from the original.

3. "The Lost Box" is already released on CD, some members of our forum already got it (I'm among them). See this and this page for the photos of the CD. You can order the CD from the official web-site of Secret Service ( via PayPal.

MWuser 27.07.2012 20:39

Interesting. In some ways, it's hard to understand why the band and Universal Music don't want to re-release all Secret Service albums. I've bought two CDs and their owner said, that these are an original releases, brought to Poland especially from Sweden. You can find it in the Internet, on torrents as a "2011 Edition". It's funny, because much songs sounds really good, especially albums "Ye Si Ca" and "Jupiter Sign" (I compare some titles with official band compilation, "Spotlight"). What a pity, that the band don't think about an official anthology. Maybe when they've completed the musical "Flash In The Night" they'll think about it and change their minds.

And of course it's sad, that many people create a non-official releases, because they're stealing the band's songs and earn a lot of money on it. But on the other side, this bootlegs prove, that the band is really cool and many people wants to buy their records.

RonnieO 04.08.2012 20:10

Good idea for a new topic!

Regarding the possibility of re-issues:

I think the record labels here in Sweden, Universal in this case, are reluctant to spend the time and money required for remastering and manufacturing catalogue releases of artists with little guarantee of return on their investment. It is a sad situation and I believe it will only increase with more focus on newer artists and downloads and less focus on artists of the past and physical releases.

At this point they don't even have the full Secret Service catalogue available for download here (not on iTunes nor on other download portals, only the three studio albums Denis mentioned above, plus the latest "The Lost Box" (I too received the CD a little while ago) and a couple of compilations (which might suggest that the rest of their catalogue hasn't even been transferred to a digital medium). The rest of the studio albums have never seen an official, legal, release on CD anywhere in the world, not even in Sweden.

I think a gentle push on Universal could help, contact the record company through e-mail and kindly ask them to consider making the studio albums available. If they get enough feedback from fans it may work. I would not hold my breath though as I have contacted Universal in the past on a similar matter with another artist and while they gave a positive response nothing ever panned out. I still think it is far better contacting Universal as they ultimately hold all the cards.

I second point 4 about the Ola+3 album, which I consider the genesis of Secret Service and if I had any say would be included in a SS re-issue series. Maybe a box set in the form of ABBA's The Albums: all the studio albums in CDs in mini-LP sleeves with bonus tracks (b-sides, single mixes, 12" mixes and outtakes) either included on the corresponding album or on a couple of bonus CDs, all housed in a small box. One can dream? ;)

MWuser 06.08.2012 11:51

Hi. I think it's very good idea to write an e-mail to Universal. Maybe it'll work. And of course I thought about box similar to "ABBA: The Albums", and "ABBA: The Complete Studio Recordings", and I still think, that this is a good idea, to release all Secret Service material and Ola+3 album (as a bonus) in similar form.

Ok, suppose that I write to Universal and ask them about it. What arguments do you recommend, to convince them? Maybe something about fans, this forum, and other sites? Maybe something about bootlegs?

Denis K 06.08.2012 14:31

I also support the idea to contact with Universal. I though, maybe we should make a collective request from fans? For example, we can create a new thread here (or, alternatively, use an online petition form) and ask the fans to support this initiative and write their arguments for re-release of the albums (yes, a box-set with complete works of Secret Service, like mentioned above, would be fantastic!). And in a letter to Universal Music we could refer to our common view.

MWuser 06.08.2012 17:52

I think it's very good idea. I can also write about it on forum, where are a topics about many bands, films, games and other. There is also a topic about Secret Service. I can give a news on my site, especially to collect arguments from Polish fans of the group. Maybe if we collect only a several hundred people and many arguments, Universal would re-release all albums, single b-sides and 12" mixes in one box. When I imagine this box, all albums (plus optionally, as a bonus, Ola+3 album), all songs remastered, collected in one place... It's a beautiful dream.

I think, maybe we can write about it to the band? Maybe they would write about petition on their official site?

Some arguments from me:
- the band is one of absolutely classics: very good lyrics and classic harmonies
- the bands albums in Poland selling on like hot cakes
- there are many bootlegs, selling as an "original edition" which sometimes have nothing to common with the band songs
- today almost all artist releasing their anthologies. For example, our producers remastered all C.C.Catch songs, single mixes and b-sides in 32 bit and releasing it as a "25th anniversary box". The sound of it is brilliant.
- near to the ABBA, Roxette and Europe, Secret Service is a brilliant band from Sweden and deserves to keep it in mind
- the band works on a musical, called "Flash In The Night", maybe an anthology will be a great opportunity to remind this wonderful pop songs.

MWuser 19.08.2012 18:17

Hi. How about making a petition? I never did something like that, so I don't know how to do it, but today I left the message about petition on forum in Secret Service section and I invited other users to join to this forum and our petition. I hope, that some people help us to convince the band to release an anthology or only all six studio albums.

MWuser 21.10.2012 18:55

Hi. How about making a petition mentioned above? Maybe it's a good idea to still try to convince the band to release a complete anthology? Maybe they release it, if there will be much potential buyers.

coronamark2 16.04.2019 20:51

The sound on CD "The lost box" is very poor! I don't like it LP much better!

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