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Thank you for creating a new interesting topic. Similar discussions were on the Russian sections of our forum, but I think the English version of this topic will be useful.

Some comments to your questions to the band:

2. We asked about re-release of the studio albums in our first letter to the band, when they came to Russia in December 2006. Unfortunately, the answer was not very encouraging, a lot depends on the label (Universal Music Sweden).

Only three albums of Secret Service was released on original CDs:

- Oh Susie (Sonet SLPCD-2655, 1990);
- When The Night Closes In (Sonet SLPCD-2770, 1986);
- Aux Deux Magots (Sonet SLPCD-2790, also: Teldec 8.26760 (DE), Alfa 32XB-259 (JP)).

That's all. Cutting Corners was never released on CD, as well as 1981 and 1984 albums. But there are lots of the Russian (and maybe not only Russian) bootlegs disguised as the original. However, the albums that went on the CD officially (Oh Susie, When The Night... and Aux Deux Magots, especially the Japanese release) are also have high-quality counterfeit copies, difficult to distinguish from the original.

3. "The Lost Box" is already released on CD, some members of our forum already got it (I'm among them). See this and this page for the photos of the CD. You can order the CD from the official web-site of Secret Service (http://www.secretservicemusic.ru/en) via PayPal.

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