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Interesting. In some ways, it's hard to understand why the band and Universal Music don't want to re-release all Secret Service albums. I've bought two CDs and their owner said, that these are an original releases, brought to Poland especially from Sweden. You can find it in the Internet, on torrents as a "2011 Edition". It's funny, because much songs sounds really good, especially albums "Ye Si Ca" and "Jupiter Sign" (I compare some titles with official band compilation, "Spotlight"). What a pity, that the band don't think about an official anthology. Maybe when they've completed the musical "Flash In The Night" they'll think about it and change their minds.

And of course it's sad, that many people create a non-official releases, because they're stealing the band's songs and earn a lot of money on it. But on the other side, this bootlegs prove, that the band is really cool and many people wants to buy their records.
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