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I think it's very good idea. I can also write about it on forum 80s.pl, where are a topics about many bands, films, games and other. There is also a topic about Secret Service. I can give a news on my site, especially to collect arguments from Polish fans of the group. Maybe if we collect only a several hundred people and many arguments, Universal would re-release all albums, single b-sides and 12" mixes in one box. When I imagine this box, all albums (plus optionally, as a bonus, Ola+3 album), all songs remastered, collected in one place... It's a beautiful dream.

I think, maybe we can write about it to the band? Maybe they would write about petition on their official site?

Some arguments from me:
- the band is one of absolutely classics: very good lyrics and classic harmonies
- the bands albums in Poland selling on allegro.pl like hot cakes
- there are many bootlegs, selling as an "original edition" which sometimes have nothing to common with the band songs
- today almost all artist releasing their anthologies. For example, our producers remastered all C.C.Catch songs, single mixes and b-sides in 32 bit and releasing it as a "25th anniversary box". The sound of it is brilliant.
- near to the ABBA, Roxette and Europe, Secret Service is a brilliant band from Sweden and deserves to keep it in mind
- the band works on a musical, called "Flash In The Night", maybe an anthology will be a great opportunity to remind this wonderful pop songs.

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