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Ok, here you find it: www.secretserviceband.cba.pl Of course, it's only the first version of site, someday I'll upgrade it, maybe write again in php language. If you find some mistakes, or if you know something interesting about the group, you can write to me and I'll write about it on my site.

Secret Service was invited to Poland especially for Sopot Festival. The legend of this event was Ola Hakansson's shoes. These shoes were stolen and Oson must sing without it. At the concert, after singing a first song, Ola wanting in some way explain the lack of his shoes. And he said that he simply forgot them, because he ran to the concert. The band sang their greatest hits, but unfortunately it wasn't full live appearance - they sang with playback. Only a few verses were sing a capella. Before the performance, Marek Niedzwiecki (our famous radio-reporter) said some words about the group, especially about greatest songs and new album, "When The Night Closes In". He even said some very nice words about the latest composition of the team, "Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More". The team has done the following compositions this evening:

1. Oh Susie
2. Ye Si Ca
3. Ten O'clock Postman
4. Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning)
5. Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More
6. Flash In The Night
7. Oh Susie
8. Ye Si Ca

After the concert, in 1986 our music label Wifon released a Greatest Hits album, which is very similar to the real group compilation album, released in 1982. The only difference was the cover - our version of album had a big band photo, and orange title "Secret Service - Greatest Hits".

And one more thing. I'm very sorry about my eventual language mistakes. I have no occasions to talk in English, for the last time I talk almost two years ago. If I make a mistake, please correct me.
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