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Good idea for a new topic!

Regarding the possibility of re-issues:

I think the record labels here in Sweden, Universal in this case, are reluctant to spend the time and money required for remastering and manufacturing catalogue releases of artists with little guarantee of return on their investment. It is a sad situation and I believe it will only increase with more focus on newer artists and downloads and less focus on artists of the past and physical releases.

At this point they don't even have the full Secret Service catalogue available for download here (not on iTunes nor on other download portals, only the three studio albums Denis mentioned above, plus the latest "The Lost Box" (I too received the CD a little while ago) and a couple of compilations (which might suggest that the rest of their catalogue hasn't even been transferred to a digital medium). The rest of the studio albums have never seen an official, legal, release on CD anywhere in the world, not even in Sweden.

I think a gentle push on Universal could help, contact the record company through e-mail and kindly ask them to consider making the studio albums available. If they get enough feedback from fans it may work. I would not hold my breath though as I have contacted Universal in the past on a similar matter with another artist and while they gave a positive response nothing ever panned out. I still think it is far better contacting Universal as they ultimately hold all the cards.

I second point 4 about the Ola+3 album, which I consider the genesis of Secret Service and if I had any say would be included in a SS re-issue series. Maybe a box set in the form of ABBA's The Albums: all the studio albums in CDs in mini-LP sleeves with bonus tracks (b-sides, single mixes, 12" mixes and outtakes) either included on the corresponding album or on a couple of bonus CDs, all housed in a small box. One can dream?

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