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По умолчанию Questions to the band

Hi. I don't know if this title is taken. I searched the forum and I didn't find better place.

I'd like to ask some questions to the Secret Service. Some about music, some about discography, or history.

1. Have you ever think about releasing an anthology, including all singles, all albums, remixes and rarities in fully remastered sound? I love the remastered sound of "Top Secret" album and I'd really like to hear all songs in high quality. Maybe you could release an anthology as a jubilee? For example under the title "35 years of Secret Service"?

2. Did you release all albums on CD? I found on eBay some CDs which look very "official", but I think, it's not Secret Service product. A few days ago I found two CDs, "Cutting Corners" and "When The Night Closes In" on I bought them, but on the second album in song "Walking" there is a small error, a few seconds before the first verse. A year ago I heard also a vinyl version of this song and there is no error.

3. When will you release a new album on CD? I heard it and I think there are many very good songs and as always many classic harmonies. And I think that the new album will be one of the best-selling CD in Poland, where the band is still very popular.

4. I heard many about the group, called "Ola+3" and I heard two songs, "Det kanns som jag vandrar fram" and "Foxy". Do you think about releasing a whole album on CD? I'd like to hear it, but unfortunately it's very, very hard to find even a vinyl copy of it.

5. Have you ever think about concert in Poland? We still remember a Sopot Festival event in 1985, when the band sang their greatest hits. After this event, our music label "Wifon" released in 1986 a "Greatest Hits" album, which is similar to original compilation, released by Secret Service in 1982.
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