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По умолчанию Summer In Paradise CD single by The Beach Boys with Roger McGuinn

Hi. I couldn't find better place, so I write here. Have you ever heard a song "Summer In Paradise" from a small The Beach Boys CD single, released in 1993? Here you are link for the CD review

I'd like to ask: has anybody got this CD single or maybe you know where I could find it, best in WAV or FLAC? I'd like to make my own compilation with The Beach Boys songs and I'd like to find these two songs from this single. Many people says that a whole album "Summer In Paradise" is the worst album The Beach Boys ever recorded, but for some reasons I really like it (but, of course, I know their greatest songs).

Here you can find a better scan of this CD

If it's not a problem, I also looking for the song "Problem Child" form the same title movie, also performed by The Beach Boys (and of course best in WAV or FLAC)

In my country it's a big problem to find and buy any of the old Beach Boys records, so I thought, that I'll try to ask you.
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