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Since I seem to be one of the few non-Russian speaking fans visiting this forum I thought I would get this section of the forum rolling by introducing myself. Hopefully we can get more forum members from around the globe to flesh out this section as well.

My name is Ronnie and I am a 41-year old man from Sweden of mixed Swedish/Danish heritage. I have a broad interest in music covering many artists (mainly the Bee Gees) and several music genres. I first noticed Secret Service in 1982 during a town fair where one of the merry-go-rounds was blasting away "Flash in the night" repeatedly over their speakers.

While I haven't aggressively collected their work (at least compared to my other music interests) I have however most of what they released in Sweden on LP, CD, 7" plus some 12" singles and a few rare promo CDs. Add to that a good helping of songs they wrote and produced for other artists that I've bought over the years. I have still to dig deeper into the "Ola, Frukt & Flingor"/"Ola+3" period, not to mention Ola's old "Ola & The Janglers" band but I'll get there eventually. I wish more of this was available on CD but sadly the Swedish record companies, at best, limit themselves to putting out a compilation and ignore the rest (unless you happen to be ABBA). Even Secret Service fans have to make do with just "Top Secret" being available as a physical product at this time.

To end this post I can say I have a little Russian connection as I have relatives living there. My grandmother's sister, on my mother's side of the family, married a Russian and they settled in St. Petersburg where their great grandchildren still reside.
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